"Our mission is to restore the order in the Galaxy... And to destroy the puny Rebellion!"

Imperisl pilot number to enter these headquarters!

Welcome to the Imperial capital at Byss. I am Grand Admiral Ranik Solusar and I will be your guide here. I am also commanding tis fleet, cosisting of four TIE squadrons (Two bomber and two fighter) and one Dreadnaught. We are in desperate need for young, fresh pilots to help us in the struggle against the puny Rebellion. I know - already - that their weak leader, Drew Blackstar, wonīt have a chance against our mighty fleet once we have come at our feet again.
Now, while you are here I want you to look at our fine Shipyard to get to know what ships we are using here. It is good if you know everything about the ships before you go into a fight. I would also like to ask you to think again when you decides to join. There are way too many people who just never come to the SIMs, that is not very good. If I havenīt heard from you in two weeks then I will delete you from the Roster.

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