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WARNING! This site is currently undergoing major upgrades and construction. If there are any broken links or images, please let me know!!! Thank you!!!

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Coming Soon! Here's what's coming soon for every department of this site! This Website is made from 100% Recycled Bytes! Ideas on what to look for:
Books, Books, Books! Dragonlance Reference Guide
Flashing Rainbow Ball Beanie List
Blue Planet with Rings Updates on Kooshie's Realm Sim Pages

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The Duchess has added an ezBoard to the site. Join now and start posting messages!

We all hate stupid people. Lucky for those of us in this world with common sense and intellect, some of them are good enough to remove themselves from their miserable existance. Read about it here......

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Lost? Search Kooshie's Realm and other places on the 'Net right here!

Like Anime? I've recently added a section that's going to have information on some popular Anime shows that have been released here in the US!

Broken links and images? Contact me about it!

Role Playing

Kooshie's Realm Sim Pages! The biggest thing on the 'Net! Check out great sims like the USS Iomega, USS Grail, and Olympus IV Colony!

Aha!Stories & E-mail sim posts, coming soon! Right here!

Coming soon, USS Avery official site. The USS Avery is a part of Omega Fleet on Yahoo!.

Ball of Gold!Do you like to roleplay? Join the Inn Between! You'll need a Yahoo! Clubs ID, but it's worth it. The club's cool, trust me.....

Check out my many personalities. Included in this section is some real life information about me, including my resumes for Computer Science, Theatre, and Retail, as well as a bio. There are also bios for every character I've ever role played, both online and off!


Are you interested in the US Consititution? Want to see what those Liberals and Socialists are doing wrong? Click here. After all, if you're not in your right mind, you're a liberal!


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