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This page may seem a bit bereft of anything at the moment. This is because I have decided to overhaul it completely. This may take some, time so be patient with me please :). Also a lot of the links dont really lead anywhere. While they work you may only find a quote and nothing else. Dont worry I Will get round to doing them sometime. It just so I know what pages i have links to and intend to do. So there. Gettimg there slowly more and more coming by the hour.

Also I cant be bothered to ever have a long rambling first page. So the index page will be an index basically. Surprising that!

If you have any queries or suggestions please contact me.

Bob Walker

    What is on this web site?
  1. Science Fiction
    1. Star Wars
    2. Star Trek
    3. Babylon 5
      1. Mumbling's
      2. Claudia Christian
      3. In the Begining
    4. SF Books in general
    5. TV SF in General
    6. SF Films in General
    7. The Icsf mailing list Archive
      1. October 1997
      2. November 1997
  2. Real Ale
    1. Why should you love it?
      1. Barnights
      2. Beer Festival
      3. Circle Line Pub Craw/stagger?
    2. What is real ale?
    3. My reccomendations!
    4. My Collection of Breweriana
  3. Myself
    1. My Friends?
      1. Pictures of My Friends?
    2. What do I do?
      1. Barnights
      2. Beer Festival
      3. Physics
      4. World Domination
    3. From Where do I come?
    4. My Cv
    5. My Family
  4. Miscellaneous!
    1. Links Page
    2. Random Pub Mumblings!
    3. Directions to the Ton meet
  5. My Guest book??
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