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Entering the Shoikan Grove

     You walk cautiously into the Shoikan Grove. Fear grips you as you hear the whisperings of the living dead beneath your feet and from above. But even though you are intimadated by those you fear the most, you hold the Nightjewel (a gift sent to you by one unknown) high above your head, letting its unseen light shine upon the things that jabber and cackle all around you. You know with the protection of this dark charm that nothing can harm you.
     Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, you run out of the terrifying Grove and come to stand before the infamous Tower of High Sorcery. Turning around, you notice a young man clad in velvet black robes sitting upon a large stone formation near the end of the path in the shadows. A slight smile plays upon his lips. He carries a staff topped with a golden dragon's claw clutching a crystal. By the appearance of his long white hair, golden skin, and hourglass eyes, you know you are staring straight at--

Isn't he cute?

     "Greetings, and I bid you welcome to my Tower," the archmage whispers in his soft voice. "I am Raistlin Majere, Master of the Past and Present. It was I who sent you the Nightjewel to guide you through the Shoikan Grove. I will take you upon a tour of my Tower and there you will learn the histories of the Heroes of the Lance and much more. Come." Rising, he gestures and the two of you walk inside as the doors open.

people have braved the terror of the Grove.


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