Collegium Gladiatorium

Well, I guess you have never heard about ancient Roman gladiators acting nowadays. However, they do - in a small country called Pannonia in the Roman Empire's days. (Actually, today you find this country named "Hungary" in any map for Middle-Europe.) So here we are, the traditional Roman gladiator group, COLLEGIUM GLADIATORIUM. The audience is able to see our gladiator fights accompanied by special performances since 1994. We have a school for recruitment called Ludus Magnus, so we always have new blood on the stage... >;-)))


Hey! Don't be shocked!

Our choreography for fighting wouldn't be harmful if the fighters were well trained. And, of course, we always do our best. But, to tell the truth, sometimes a gladiator has to move on with 30 KGs of metal, so a cut can not be put into practice as "semi contact". You know, when a 10 KGs shield starts its orbit... But we are well equipped for full contacts, and well trained by spectacular choreographs. Our performance is as authentic to the Roman Empire's rules on gladiator fights, as those rules could be saved through the thousands of years. We puzzled out the armour and clothes from the archaeological objects found by archaeological projects, excavations all over the world. We used contemporary philosophers' studies (e.g. Cicero) to understand and reflect the feeling of gladiatorhood and habits so you can find our performance true to life.

Our four-year experience proved that these performances are useful as an irregular History lecture, and delightful entertainment for the audience. These performances drive you into the Roman times by a cross-section of an amphiteatric mood. This mood includes simple gladiator fights followed by team-battles and the final attraction is the "sine missione" (it means only one could survive from all, Latin: stay-on-feet). The fights are directed and explained by a Narrator. The Narrator's explanations are based on contemporary chronicles on the traditions and habits of the Roman Empire's citizen.

Well, looking at fighting "Machos" for hours might be dull. Don't worry! Beautiful slave girls' belly dancing are real refreshments in the break of the show of armours. Moreover, during the performance we provide the possibility for the audience to join us in net-hunting, pike throwing championships to taste the technique of ancient armours.

At the end of the show in the framework of "Forum With Gladiators" you can have a closer look at the armour and the survivors.

Let me tell you some closer data about Collegium Gladiatorium. We have 45 fightful gladiators, about 20 people acting as slaves, guards, and the Caesar, and at least - but not last 3 dancers. We keep on going by recruitment, so hopefully Collegium Gladiatorium will grow crowd in the next years. Languages: during the performance the gladiators speak to each other in Latin, but most of the members speak English and some German. We have translators who speak fluently Italian, French and Spanish. Naturally, the narrator speaks the language requested.
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