Hey Hey!!! Come in, Boyz & Girls.

Once upon a time, there was one roller and he was very, very angry on this world.

Some guy looks like me

The L.V. Roller


Hi, All! YOU had just visited my homepage!

I like YOU very much being here.

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I'll be short! Ok? SO... Wellcome, Wellcome, Wellcome.

    RobocopSomething about me. Here am I. Push me!!!

    Freedy My Friends. All my friend in Russia and other countries.

    Window My School


    Girla My GIRLFRIEND.

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    Marcus What kind of sports make me FEEL!!!!

    MCMMusic. What I like.

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    Story The STORY of the DAY.


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    All These pages designed by Vazgen- He is cool man and a real roller. He can jump down from a lorry on rolles...no, posle etogo bivaout nebolshie posledstvia.

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