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The page you're looking for isn't here because it,well--it's SLEEPING! SHHHHHHH! Please don't wake it up! It's been driving it's mistress crazy with requests for bedtime stories and lullabyes and it just now finally fell asleep! SHHHHHHHHHHH! It's currently curled up upon it's hoard and it might EAT you if you wake it up! Anywho, have fun exploring the Castle!

You smile as you have finally reached your destination. However, you good mood does not last long, for you hear what you will come to call The Voice. It Says:

If thou wilt, please scribe thy name upon mine ledger.

If thou wilt, please read the scribings upon mine ledger.

The voice fades with an evil laugh that sends chills down your spine. You sign the Ledger lest something dire happen to you as The Voice suggests.

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You are the person to come here...Hey! that's not right!
Ya broke it! Now why did ya hafta do a thing like that for????

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No, Really! Thou'rt number

to come here. So thou dost not like being called by a number??? Too Bad! Thou'rt number

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