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I am a white male from Oklahoma, I am single but not looking. I come from a rough childhood and a tougher family. I was raised as a Methodist but I have tried everything from the Occult to Buddhism and I have honestly tried to stick to them but they felt artificial, and I know now that the Goddess and God are the road to enlightenment.  They have blessed me with many gifts, such as devination, and healing.

I have several hobbies.  They range from hunting, and Native American art to computer "reverse engineering" and clubbing.My homie DzZoom who lives in OklahomaCity is like a brother to me. I know I won't live forever but I only fear I am never going to die.

This is Chance Bewilder signin' off
        Peace Out
            Blessed Be
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A closed mind is not open to the world outside of itself and therefore cannot grow and become master of the body.
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