Welcome to Freedom Hall, feel free to spit on the floor and call the Cat a bastard.

[There is absolutely no prize for identifying the science fiction character from which I stole the preceeding line.]

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Greetings Visitor Number Counter Let me introduce myself.... Myrdrake of the Shadows...... There's the standard IRL stats of course: I'm a 52 year old anglo male, very married, with children and grandkids, presently living in the SanFrancisco Bay Area.

I have several interests; Computers (of course), Physics, Science Fiction & Fantasty (now there's a surprise in Area 51 :>), Martial Arts (Aikido and JuJitsu mostly), Motorcycling, Calligraphy, the Occult, Drawing Pictures, Playing and Listening to Music, Ancient and Medieval History, Hiking in the Wild, Chess, Mythology, and Theatre spring immediately to mind.

P E N T A G R A M I have also been initiated into the priesthood of a few covens... click on this Pentagram to access the 'Book of Shadows' I am currently writing for the Web, it's a highly condensed version of the points they all agree can be shown to the uniniated.

I've been busy lately at some of the Yahoo! clubs. As a part of one of the club projects, I'm posting a list we're collecting of 100 Blessings here as we collect them. Check back periodically to see what else has come our way. Check the bottom of this page for the Solitary Circle Web Ring, there's some good stuff there...

Another project which may or may not take off is the subject of the Laws that govern magic. Not the legal statutes, but natural laws and ethical guidelines. You can get to that document by clicking here.

If you share this area of interest, try the Witches' Voice a really good Wiccan Network. (Good as in informative and interesting, not as in, "Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?" although that would also apply.)

I used to utilize (if not kill) quite a bit of time on Adult Chat Boards, this name, Myrdrake, is my personna d' cybre, usually manifest as either a middle-aged gent dressed in black, an inverness coat over clothes of a conservative cut; or as a Brass Dragon, depending on the surroundings. As far as I know there is no one else using this name (I invented it from myr, Greek for 1000, and drake, Old or Middle English for Dragon which would make me the Thousandfold Dragon (the origami pun was completely unintentional)) so if you see it, it's probably me.

I used to have some chat boards I recommended in this space, but since I'm not on them much now, I really don't feel comfortable providing links to places which may no longer be nice to visit.

However.... (funny how there's always a however, isn't it??) This Link --> Talker.com <--- will get you to a page which has enough chat boards on it to keep you rattling your keyboard.

This is just the beginning, I have a lot of work to do here.... there's that starship stuff for one thing... I believe I've developed a practical deepspace drive, anybody out there a machinist that can build a model of it?

I'm also working on a page which will get here one of these days which I'm going to call "Para-Mathematics", it started out with Numerology and Sacred Geometry, and is developing off line on notepads scattered around the house... we shall see when it's ready to see the light of cyber-space.

Here are links to Star Fleet, Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps, Star Wars, and Babylon 5.

If you have comments, suggestions, snide remarks, etc. you can email them to me here [myrdrake@reocities.com] or at [myrdrake@hotmail.com]