Method to the Madness

Madness takes its toll .....please have exact change

Hey Y'all . Welcome to the madness. Feel free to look around , download images and sound from the X-books and Gargoyles , read the fan fiction and top 10 lists , and especialy feel free (compelled even) to submit and thing you've written on X-books or Gargoyles to me ( Shell ) at

Update 5-10-98

2 new images added to and 1 wav file Mutants Haven
Hate is an understatment ( parts 1,2, and 3) by Diana Othman added to Stories,Poems, etc.

The Dragons' Roost
My Top 10 lists- Top 10 lists about anything and everything
My Gargoyles Page
Mutant's Haven- My page on X-men ,Generation X ,and Excaliber
stories poems etc.- gargoyle and x-people fan fiction
The Shell page.- stuff about me (hey it's my page I can be egotistical if I want)
Link page.- the name pretty much says it all

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