This is the Killer Aardvark Homepage, laid out before you is a fair plethora of, well, odds and ends really... Feel free to move through any of the links in the column to the right.. erm, left.

The articles page is a little sparse at the moment but great changes are in the pipeline - what? well you'll just have to wait and see...

The links are a real mix of all sorts of stuff, most are S-F or roleplay/wargames related (and I have organized them as such), where relevent, in order to avoid cluttering up the links section I have placed a link with extensive links upon its hairy arse.

If you have any comments or advice please feel free to contact me (the button'll do the job), especially about any spelling errors (there's bound to be lots).

There are no doubt many trademarks and such scattered proliferately across my pages, where relevent the names, etc should be considered the property of the owner (that made more sense before I typed it out...).

G. T. Perkins (As If really care?), November 1998, ver. 2.0
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