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The Lightning Bugs Social Aid & Pleasure Club of New Orleans Louisiana.

Some of the Bugs:

Cyber Diva

ExoPope Zontar

Frater Frogalogus

Hollie ("Aki")

Internet Temptress

Lady Lisa

Mighty Wurlitzer

Supreme Dalek



Lady Enigma

Eager Young Space Cadet

Joe Six Pack


Cher Nobyl

ArchBishop of AirChecks

Doctor Harmony

Andree SpiderChyk






Meet some of the Lightning Bugs:
Bug Photo Page 1

Lightning Bugs in action:
Bug Photos Page 2

The New Orleans Worst Film Festival Streetcar party:
Bug Photos Page 3

Froggy's House Warming Party:
Bug Photos Page 4

Yet more thrilling pictures of famous Lightning Bugs:
Bug Photos Page5

Lightning Bugs RULED Exoticon I!
EXOTICON Photos: Coronation Ball

More Exoticon Picutes: MST3K Panel

More Amazing Exoticon Pix: Costumes, Around the Con

At the 10th New Orleans Worst Film Festival:
NOWFF Brass Band


More NOWFF X Photos


Some links of interest:

* Froggy's homepage
* Froggy's New Orleans Jazz & Mardi Gras page
* Froggy's Novelty Song Lyrics Collection
* The Swinging Space Age Batchelor Pad of the Supreme Dalek
* Theodosia's Page
* Lady Lisa's Lair
* Atelier LeFriant
* Dr. Harmony's Action Hour
* Valiant 200's LiveJournal
* New Orleans Worst Film Festival
* COG ...Hard rock or hard science?


See ya later!

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