The Disaster Page

We are still in the works here to bring you a web page with Star Wars, UrDoomMUD information and other sci-fi info,


UrDoomMUD information

UrDoomMUD is down.

Have you ever done any kind of roleplaying games in your life? This is what UrDoom is like. It's a fantasy based computer text- generated roleplaying game.

Originally started in Jan 1994 as a MercDiku, UrDoom has blossomed into something not quite MercDiku, not quite MUSH, and not quite much of anything else but a hodgepodge of all those combined. I call it MACE.

In the game, you are able to fight monsters (or even other players) while gaining armor, weapons, and experience to raise your level with the ultimate outcome for certain selected players receiving an invitation to join the high ranks of the administrators of the MUD.

In the context of the roleplaying, you can join guilds and clans to enhance your power with other characters. You can take ownership of areas (called "rooms") with the certain knowledge that if someone else wants that area, they may be willing to start a war to take it from you. In the future, you will be able to assign and accept quests as a way to become more favorable in the eyes of your clan or guild and raise your level and experience.

New classes and races were added as well to better give people a more enjoyable MUD which hopefully will enhance the guild and clan aspects of the game as well.

At the moment, we at UrDoom are striving hard as we can to find a site for people to enjoy themselves again.

Star Wars Links/Information

Visit the homepage for the current leading Star Wars novelist Kevin Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta here!