Live Fun Cams From Around the Globe
LIVE!!! Fun Cams From Around the Globe
Come in and relax. Welcome to my Big Brother home. I bring you news of the world here. I have gathered the best Live Cams from the web. (If you want the direct address right mouse click for properties.) It will take time to load, but it's less time than running around the net looking for all of these! Enjoy! To start with here are some LIVE NASA pictures. They keep changing daily depending on what NASA has scheduled. Just refresh to get new pictures! Scroll down for LIVE animal cams and Around the World Cams. Don't miss sunset in Hawaii or Las Vegas!! (This takes less time to load then running around the web from page to page. Now it's all on one page!)

I have some favorite links here if you want to run around the Web by yourself or just kick back and watch some live animal cams. (Remember animals sleep too, so if the screens black come back!) It will take awhile for them all to load, but it's less time then all that clicking I used to do.

Scroll down for Live Cams from around the world. Remember: Just refresh for new image!

Here are the links if you want to run around the web:
Amazing Fish!.
Live from New York it's Times Square! Hey Big Brother is watching us!
Midtown NY Views!
The White Mana Diner-NJ - Catch people taking flatware!
The Loch Ness Live!
Austria's Mallnitz Mtn-Must See!

Here are live Animal Cams:

Cheetas! Haven't seen one yet, but I'm hopeful.

Wolves! Sometimes they are right in the face of the camera or they are lounging around.

Penguins! They are too cute. The Cam really captures them. Hope you can too.

Sharks! Yes, and other creatures. The pictures are always different.

Eagle's Nest! When the Eagle's there you'll know it. Wow!! It's big and right in your face!

Corel Reef and Fish! One of my favorites. The Cam rotates and captures different species of ocean life. Just beautiful!

Orangatan! This red creature is shy, but I've found him.

African Watering Holes! Don't catch much action, but when something shows up it's quite rewarding. I caught 8 Zebra's recently!

Well here are LIVE pictures from around the Globe:

Disney's Magic Kingdom! Hey I caught the afternoon parade, but haven't seen the nightime fireworks yet.

Providence RI - for Zulu! They put the Cam in different locations, so you never know what angle you'll see people at. Don't they know Big Brother is watching them?

Dublin-Ireland! Great during the day.

Karachi-Pakistan! I keep waiting for something to happen, but it's a quiet cam. This is for my nephew who is half Pakistani.

Eiffel Tower - Paris! Beautiful during the day, lite up at night.

Mediterranean Sea! Best seen during the day.

Maui-Hawaii! Sunrise and Sunset are awesome here. Hope you catch it.

Halifax Nova Scotia! Just beautiful during the day and mysterious at night.

Mt.Fuji-Japan! My absolute favorite!! Catching a glance at the peak on a clear day is awesome. Especially when it's snow capped.

St.Andrews Scotland Golf Course - 18th hole! This is just fun. Seeing the golfers come and go. Sunrise and sunset is pretty too.

Las Vegas! Revolving Cam makes this one different everytime. Beautiful during the day and at night.

Santa Monica Pier-California! Recognize anyone?
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