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     Hello! How you ended up here is beyond me! That is unless you are a close friend, clicking on my name, or by some other freak chance! *LOL* I am Edward May, more commonly known to the net as Sir Tenzan†, (And that's a cross at the end of Sir Tenzan, not a "t"), Toryu, Nexus Knight, or Katana. I have decided to make myself a page here for many reasons, all of those I hope to cover in the following lines. Originally, this Geo-account was kept only as a source of more web space, with an index making all my files available and visible, while only telling a little about me. You see, they were very generous with their web space, and still are, having offered better than twice that of what Tripod did at the time. One day however, I came to realize that wasn't exactly fair to Geo-cities, so I chose to make this a virtual dupe of my Tripod account, with a few minor differences. If you'd like to see my page on Tripod to compare the two, or just for $h!t$ and giggles, you may go to Sir Tenzan†'s Homepage.

     I have very many interests ranging from online activities to outdoor activities. Most of my spare time is spent with my wife and daughter, going out together, going to movies (Sometimes a little difficult with Genevieve), going to Red Hawks baseball games together, or even going to the Red River Valley Speedway races together. Some of the other activities I enjoy are; playing the RIFTS Role Playing Game, watching movies, watching Days of Our Lives or Sunset Beach (when I get a chance), long walks, reading Dragonlance novels, reading true war stories, camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, traveling/sightseeing, building model kits (To see my Modeling Page go to Sir Tenzan's Model Shop.), attending Air Shows (Especially those with representation from The Confederate Air Force-The noble people who have taken it upon themselves to preserve the fighting aircraft of world war two, and lastly of course, would be listening to music, whether that be Heavy Metal, (Especially Metallica.) or Country Music. Among my interests online are; Chatting and messaging on ICQ, surfing the net on Yahoo for many hundreds of topics, and role playing in Furcadia as Sir Tenzan.


      Originally, I only had a couple of pictures of my family and myself on here, but since that time my lovely wife, has taken it onto herself to construct a Family Photo Album Online. Click here to see our family.

Angelina May
     Angie....This is whom makes my world go round. I met her in Febuary of 1996, and in April of the same, we fell deeply in so strong that it would reach across the distance from Indiana to Minnesota, and visa versa. Through the turbulence of internet loves, we prevailed, and eventually met on May 18, 1996, when Angie's Greyhound Bus finally arrived in Fargo North Dakota...and ever since then we have not left each others sides for more than a few hours. December 27, 1996, Angie and I were married, it seems too ironic that not to long ago I was without anyone, feeling that I was a lost cause...someone who would never have direction. All that has changed now...for that I have Angie to thank. It was only her blind faith that allowed me to have this euphoric happiness, and the foundation to a new family. I owe everything to her. In addition to this it was not long ago, in fact our seven month anniversary of our marriage which Angie gave birth to our wonderful daughter Genevieve Lynn May. This was the biggest mile marker in my life to ever occur, no longer was I a child, I became a father on that day, and that to me is everything. Now, not only were my wife and I simply bonded by our pure and simple love, we were bonded physically. I was so happy, when we were walking home from the local clinic, when we found out that she was pregnant, that I couldn't even contain my excitement, shouting at strangers walking down the street, "I'm gonna be a Dad!" Those were some very happy moments for me, and to this day, each time I look at Genevieve I remember she exists because of our love alone.
To Angie: Angie...I want you to know how special you have made my life, I have never felt so secure about anything, as I do about your' devotion and love for me. I try my best to show you how much I truly care, I hope I am doing a good job! I could try to be poetic about these things, though, I am sure that the best way for me to show you how much I love you....Is simply, to tell you every day, and to prove it over and over again, and putting forth 1,000% to proving my true feelings for you. We've had thorns in our relationship, I'll admit, thorns that were born long before our romance first blossomed. I am so happy that we finally know the truth about that dusty chapter in my life, and can now move on, unhindered by my doubts in my own capabilities, in being your' husband. Now I know, I can be that man you dreamed of, that man I always was, but was afraid, was flawed beyond redemption.

Family Home Pages
If you want to see Angie's explosively colorful web page, go to: WildFlower's Cyber-Garden.
Before Genevieve was born, Angie built a home page for her, and then modified it after she was born. It includes several pictures of my cute little girl! *smile* Click Here to see our pride and joy!
This is to my Mother and Father for all their Love and support.
If you would like, you may view my mothers web page at: Stardust's Homepage. this page is graphically intense, so check on your' internet connection, sit back and enjoy the space odyssey!

      To explain a bit about the RPG called RIFTS would be the story of a world torn asunder by a cataclysm that threatened to tear the world apart on 12/22/2098AD. Nearly three hundred years have passed since the nuclear war and dozens of natural phenomena that caused the magical maelstrom to occur, and man has found himself once again, alive and ready to rebuild, but no longer is man the dominant species. Demons, monsters, dragons, and what could only be called the spawn of nightmares crawled through holes in the very fabric of time and space, while man teetered on the brink of extinction, that are physically tougher, and more adept at surviving in such chaotic settings than man. Is this human-kinds final hour? Is his reign on Earth as king soon to end? Only time will tell... I have been a fan of this wonderful futuristic Sci-Fi game since the first year that it was out. It's an awesome game because of it's infinite diversity. You could play a creature that would cause a human in real life to faint of fright just at it's appearance alone, or you could play a simple human from a simple every day life, caught up in the events around them. Each time I play or GM, I feel as though I have entered another world, as it sparks my imagination, allowing me to experience amazing adventures and sights, without ever leaving the comfort and safety of my own home. Sort of like the internet isn't it? In our many years of playing, We have developed many things for our playing group, you can look over some of them at Sir Tenzan's RIFTS Page. If you are looking for other web pages, for RIFTS, I also have a series of links on my RIFTS page as well, so go take a look!

      Would you really be the person you are today without your' friends? Almost every person you ask that of, if they really think about it, will answer "No". I am no acception to this rule, and I hope to acknowledge those who have made such a difference in my life as friends, right here.
Angelina May: This is the woman who has changed my life, as I mentioned above, but she is more than just my wife, she is my best friend, and confidant. I love her to death, and I'd just like to say once more; Thank you for being who you are, Angelina, you mean the world to me.
Tammy May: In all my time on the net, whenever I've seen someone's friends page, I've never once seen someone mention their mother as a friend. My mother has been there for me through thick and thin, and allowed me to learn lessons on my own while providing that oh so annoying but grudgingly helpful advice. I don't believe that if my mother was any different, I'd be the same man I am today.
Tony May: Although my father and I haven't always gotten along, we have turned over a new leaf in the last couple of years, and have really become good friends. Dad has joined into our RIFTS games, and helped us with problems whenever we've needed it.
Jan Knoell: Jan is a strange fellow to say the least. He's been a pretty good friend for about eight years now. We've done allot of gaming together, and some other stuff. It's been an interesting eight years to say the least.
Dan Beaton: In the past seven years, Dan and I have had a strange friendship ranging from bitter enemies to best of friends, but we've always known where the other has stood. That is, until this past summer. Dan was up in the area for the weekend, visiting because another of our friends was visiting. Little did I know at the time, however, that Dan was planning to move down to Iowa with that friend...without so much as mentioning it to me or any one else for that matter. I was very disappointed, and more than a little angry, as it seems that this is the chosen method that close friends tend to use when they leave my life. In any event, I respect his decision to leave, just not the method used.
Clinton Knoell: Another of my good friends from the past, Clint helped me through many hardships in my life. He, like Dan, chose to leave without mentioning it to anyone at the height of our friendship. As with Dan, I respect his decision to leave, just not necessarily the method.
Perry Knoell: The philosophical member of our little cache of friends in high school, Perry chose to move to Nebraska to live near the rest of his family, and to strike it out on his own. I've only seen him a handful of times in the past five years, but he's still a friend, regardless of distance and time past. Sometimes it's hard not to miss his constant wining and bickering, but such is life! *LOL*
Jana Knoell: Ah yes, another of the Knoell's I count as friends. Jana has not been a very good friends since high school, as she's got a family to raise and worry about now. We've more or less grown apart in the eight years that have past since we met, but I still must mention her because of what she did for me. Jana helped me climb out of a depression that lasted two years over a bad case of rejection I suffered in grade school, when I first attempted to ask someone out. Thank you Jana...
Carol Dotson: Carol is another friend whom helped me through a difficult time in my life, after loosing my fiance to questionable circumstances. Carol became a friend, and a confidant, and allowed me room to laugh at what I was doing to myself, she pulled me out of the depression following the loss. Today, Carol is becoming a good friend to Angie and myself again, for which I am very happy. It's not very often that one can find a friend, and pick up where they left off years before, but that's exactly what has happened. I don't think I've thanked her for what she did, but I hope to someday find a way to thank her.
Dafni Willis: ...A name I still cannot say without feeling my heart sink a bit. Dafni was my beloved fiance back in 1995. Dafni chose to leave my side to pursue her future career, and the man whom she truly loved, once again, without a good bye or word of explanation. I understand now, her leaving would make her happy once and for all, but it can't help the pain I still feel each day from the lack of closure. I mention her here as a friend because Dafni really was. I felt comfortable telling her everything and anything, and had not a shred of doubt about her love. Her leaving, in a strange and twisted way, killed the man I was, but made the man I am today, and Angelina loves me for who I I have only Dafni to thank. Thank you "Honey"...I think this defines "tough love".

Internet Friends
      My separation of the two types of friends is a superficial separation only. Friends found on the internet are just as special to me as friends IRL.
Crystal Bozarth: Crys is a great friend that one can't help but love to death! Crys has been through some tough times in her life, but never seems to lack time to help out someone who needs a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board to try to sort out your' thoughts. She has come to be a very special friend to me, and I just wanted to say Thanx for being there Crys! *smile*
Barbara Bowlan: Barb and I haven't spoken much in the last year, as we've both pretty much gone our own ways. She was a special friend in her time, and I really appreciated the friendship we once shared. I just hope and pray that someday our paths will cross yet once again.
Destiny/Ice Baby: I haven't seen Destiny in literally years! This is the classic case of two good friends loosing track of where the other is. I miss Destiny dearly, and someday hope to run into her again. Destiny changed her chat handle to Ice Baby a long time ago, but I insist on calling her Destiny, her first chatting name because to me, it demands the respect of someone who truly holds the power of Destiny over others, hence why I always used to say; "You will always be Destiny to me!".
Coral: A friend I met on Powwow that was just a great person to talk to, one which you could never leave a conversation with without a smile. Coral moved to Oklahoma City a couple of years ago, and we lost track of each other. I miss her, but someday I hope and pray, we will cross paths again.
Crazy Niki: Ole Crazy Niki...We met in the old Jabberwocky Chat Index, but Niki is the sort of friend that when you lose them, it leaves a sore spot in your' heart. Niki and I began drifting our separate ways when Angie moved in with me. Niki kept her true feelings for me a secret, and that prevented me from being a better friend. Of all of my internet friends, Niki I'd have to say was my best of all... I lost her when Angie and I took a two month sabbatical from the internet, as she was in a period of need, and I turned my back on her. I had no way of knowing she needed my friendship this bad at the time, but from there on I've done my best to try to be a better friend to people. Some day I hope to find the enigmatic Niki Dramalis...I miss her very dearly.
Kalinka: Kalinka was the first person I ever actually had a conversation with on the internet. She was from Norway, and I would make special efforts to get up at an hour at which I could speak with her. I guess I did have romantic feelings for her, but I never came to grips with them until we had already drifted apart. We had the perfect chance to meet a year ago, when Synve was only a matter of a few hours drive away from my home, but somehow, some way I didn't get the chance, the school year ended, and my chance at revitalizing our friendship was past. Hey! I miss you Synve Lie Vilkenson!!
MoonBlade: MoonBlade or Myra as I know her is one of the greatest people I've ever met on the internet. She's smart, honest, funny, very beautiful IRL, easy to get along with, easy to talk to, and although I haven't known her very long, I can already see the mechanizations of a great and lasting friendship with her. Myra is a wonderful friend, and I look foreward to someday meeting this beauty from afar. HI MYRA! *smile*
Alikka: Alikka...there are no words to sum up such a complicated woman in but a few lines. What I can say is this however; I care about her friendship very deeply. Unfortunately in recent times, Alikka has come to the conclusion that she does not need a close friend in me. Alikka is afraid to let me get to close to her, somehow afraid that I will hurt her feelings. I can respect that, though I have no intention of hurting her, and like it or not, it is her wish, and if this will make her happy, then so be it.
To my other friends: To all my other friends. I mention only your' names here as representation of your' impact on my life. Granted I haven't known most of you for years and years, but if you turn out to be long time friends, I'll be adding your' names to the list above; Among those I'd like to acknowledge are: RIP, Shotgun, KnightStallion/Charlie, BooBoo, Ragnarok/Corpus Christi, Scarlett, Zodiac/WildCat, Zyp, Marauder, Candi, Cherry Blossum, Death Dealer, Clueless, and Peaches (@)(@).
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