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Hello, Welcome to my humble and poorly put together web site. If you are here for the counter-strike clan then follow this link  Clan [QRGR] Queens Own Royal Gurkha Rifles
Dear god alive, this site is ancient and hasn't been updated since 1957, nothing on it is of any real value but what the hey, maybe one day i'll actually update it in some way but probably easier just to get a whole new site.

for anyone thats interested, theres some GW links below with a couple of army lists on and some really poor photos that i took of my models, bought myself a new digital camera though so maybe i'll re-take them and get some better quality ones

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Virtually every word describing anything decent on this website is owned and cared for by the lovely non-sue over small crappy web-site type people at Games Workshop who are in no way what so ever connected with this web-site and I think the fact that I need to say that is a bit annoying , I hate lawyers they are nasty people who like to spoil peoples imaginations, booo down with that sort of thing .....etc etc ...For god's sake they are only words .....

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