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UPDATED: January, 2004

Throughout the years, I have had this ALF fansite, but due to college, work, and other contractual obligations, my ALFsite will be updated as time allows. For the most up-to-date information on Gordon and his life adventures, please visit

This furry little creature, nicknamed ALF, for "Alien Life Form", landed on the Tanner's garage when his spacecraft went out of control. Unfortunately the ship couldn't be repaired and his home planet of Melmac had just blown up, so ALF took up residence in the pleasant suburban Tanner home, disrupting their formerly boring life and commenting sarcastically on the foilbles of earthlings. The dense neighbors, the Ochmoneks never figured out what was going on.

ALF was said to be 229 years-old and attended Melmac High School for 122 years, where he majored in software and was co-captain of the Bouillabaisseball team. Adult occupations included: part-time male model, Assistant Boxleitner and operator of his own phlegm dealership. Hobbies included: gerrymandering and snacking on cats - a Melmacian delicacy (the Tanners' cat, Lucky, was often seen scurrying from the room). ALF's height was quoted as "Fluctuates with weight." And his weight: "Till the Sun Shines Nellie."

In 1986, ALF, "Gordon Shumway" got one of the last Orbit Guard spaceships and left Melmac before it blew up and crash landed on earth in the Tanner's garage, on Hemdale Ave., in Los Angeles, California. When Gordon Shumway crashed, the Tanner's were somewhat afraid and curious at the same time. Willie says" look Kate, look Brian and Lynn, it is an A.L.F.( Alien Life Form)". ALF was moaning and groaning and saying something in jiberious.

After that day in 1986, the Tanners' have kept ALF as "one of the family," and costs the Tanner's $10,000 a year just to support him, but that is beside the point. and one more thing, when other humans come over, the Tanner's say "ALF go hide in the kitchen"!!
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