Cold. Your feet are cold. Something is caressing your skin, lightly raining soft kisses from your calves, up your spine, to the back of your neck with the tenderness of a lover. You realize it's the wind. Sitting upright in bed, you wipe your eyes with your fists, adjusting them to the dim light of the room. Your shutters are open, the sky blue veils fluttering with the brisk wind in the night air. The moonlight is shining through in a strong beam of luminescence. Casting your sheets aside, you move towards the open window, the silk of your nightgown lightly whipping about your lithe form.

The moon is radiant this night. Only a few sparse clouds threaten its dominion over the night sky. You take a moment to breathe in the fresh, chilly air as goose bumps start to rise over your skin. Looking down beneath you, the rolling plains stretch out as far as the eyes can see. Soft grass moves in unison with the gentle breeze almost like the waves of a dark green sea. Even the trees, with their dark secrets hiding beneath their branches, look so serene this night. Alas, you can only take so much of this early winter chill and slowly draw the shutters to a close, the veils hanging over your window dropping lifelessly as the breeze dies down in your room. You long for the warmth of your bed and the promise of bliss it whispers.

Suddenly, it hits you. Slowly at first, but unmistakably it hits you. The dawning realization almost takes your breath away. You throw your shutters wide open in alarm. Beneath you, the sounds of the night continue without interruption. Crickets chirp, owls hoot, the wind howls very lightly. That most definitely is not your front yard. You whirl around to look over the room with alarm in your eyes and a fluttering of your heart. The tapestries against the stone walls, the torch sconces, the large wooden wardrobe ... this is most definitely not your room.

There! Your eyes catch sight of something amazing to your left. On a round oak table something is folded in a neat pile. You grab the garment and bring it closer to the moonlight for further inspection. The insignia is unmistakable. The red crimson of the cloak, the blue azure of the sleeves and tunic, and of course, the inspiring large S sewn into the chest. Could... could this possibly be yours? It appears about the right size... Without another thought, you quickly lift your silk gown up and over your slim shoulders, your heart racing with the possibilities of what this could all mean. You gasp, your heart catching in your throat as you squeeze into the tight suit, its fit like a snug glove. The boots, the belt, the skirt ... it was as if the outfit were hand tailored to your size.

You dash over to the large mirror, gazing upon all your earthly splendor in its reflection in the dim moonlight. Parchments flutter all about the room and here and there small trinkets drop to the ground from your passing. With an exhilarating start, you realize you just crossed the distance from the window to the mirror, a good thirty some odd feet, in a fraction of a second. A smile smears across your lovely countenance, threatening to split your face asunder as it spreads from ear to ear. You flex in front of the mirror and your lean muscles bulge with unrivaled strength. "No way!" you think to yourself. "This is way too cool to be true."

Your eyes widen as you chuckle with girlish glee. The true test. Oh yes, it had to happen sooner or later. You close your eyes tightly and concentrate with all your might, clutching your hands into tight fists, curling your toes together into little balls. Something hits the back of your head with a soft thud. Slowly, you reopen your eyes. Just the one at first, just to be safe. With a loud, uproarious laugh, you realize you're floating against the ceiling, the ground a few feet below you. Stretching your right arm forward, you aim towards your windoow and with a loud whoosh sail out into the night sky. The clouds caress you, but in your suit, you feel not the fingers of icy Winter's chill.

Faster, higher! You fly towards the moon itself, white mist gathering beneath your boots as the clouds chase after you. You loud aloud, your heart rising to higher spirits than your body in the sky. Twisting and spinning, you fly over the landscape beneath you. Dark globs litter the fields that you guess must be cows. You swoop down lower to rake your fingers through the leaves of tall trees, directing your flight alongside the path of a slow river. After what seems like hours of intense and wonderful flight, you spot a large clearing of luscious grass beside the river where the waters have thinned to a gentle brook. In the middle of the clearing, you spot rare mountain flowers and descend into their midsts, rolling around in their softness.

It is then that you hear the low growl. Frantically, your eyes dart from tree to tree in the dark forest. Fear starts to grip your heart like an unwanted visitor until you remember who you are and what you can do. You are Super Jessica! Are you kidding? Nothing can stop you! You slowly stand up tall and let out a challenge in as loud and courageous of a voice as you can muster, "Who goes there? Show yourself!" The growling continues and for a moment, you start to feel the fear returning unbidden to your heart. You clench your hands into fists and grit your teeth to steel yourself.

First a tallon, then another becomes visible as the creature slowly emerges from the dense foliage into the soft moonlight. One large muscular arm, sharply clawed moves forward, then a leg, until finally the features of the entire creature can be seen. Its jaw drips with green saliva as it starts to circle you, beedy red eyes sunken into a low jutting brow gaze at you intently. It smells your fear, but your courage seems to confuse it, leave it reason to be cautious. The beast must be well over 7 feet tall even hunched over as it is currently postured, resplendant green skin almost crystalline. It starts to bound towards you, lumbering over in an awkward gait.

Crushing flowers beneath its massive weight, the creature finally reaches you, lunging forward with razor sharp claws extended. You duck quickly and smash your fist heavilly into the creature's stomach with all your might. And your hand returns to you a bloody mess, stinging with unbearable pain as you fall backwards onto your posterior. With a start, your eyes widen with horror as you gaze up fearfully at the beast above you, scampering backwards in the grass. A swipe overhead just misses decapitating you beautiful little head, another claw sinks into the ground beside you. Frantically, you kick at the beast with your booted foot, but do little more than scrape dirt off of its well-muscled hide. Another swipe of its claw leaves a trail of blood over your thigh and shreds of torn clothing. You feel your strength draining away from you as the sticky blood paints the grass and flowers beneath you. Suddenly, you find your back against the trunk of a tree as the creature stands tall above you, raising its mighty arm for one final swipe that you realize will surely end your short adventure. It swings ... you close your eyes ... darkness greets you.

A shrill scream can be heard in the night air if anyone were close enough to hear. You realize it is not your own voice. Slowly, you reopen your eyes. Green chips are flying everywhere. You crawl forward to grab one that lands not far from your feet. It weakens and drains you to touch it, and you let it go immediately. Kryptonite. That must have been it. The damnable creature must have been made almost entirely of kryptonite. You look up at where the beast should have been picking your flesh from your bones. There's a dark figure engaged with it.

Slash, thrust, parry! You can make out the gleam of a sword in the reflection of the moonlight. Before you, a tall armored figure is holding back the advance of the crystalline troll with sword in hand, his other hand bracing the creature's weight against his blade. Rolling to one side, the warrior throws the creature off balance and spins with his sword, slashing at the thing's midsection. A large chuck of green rock flies loose and with it, the spash of a dark ichor. The troll screams with rage and presses its attack, but the armored warrior is too fast.

Almost. With a loud thud, the figure gets sent flying against a tree, the air almost knocked out of him. He turns his face towards you and you can make out some of his features for the first time. Darkest of midnight eyes gaze back at you, the drip of fresh blood trailing from his lips. His hair is a tangled mess of dark ebony, matching the blackness of his breastplate and leather breeches. "Run!" he cries towards you as he ducks just in time to avoid a killing blow, the tree behind him splintering into two from a wide swipe of the troll's sharp tallons.

What do you do? Your heart races in your chest, wanting to escape the confinements of your ribcage. Your breaths are quick and short. Blood is trailing down your thigh and your right hand is a mess, possibly broken. What do you do... Jessica?