Welcome to the Urban Ground, my virtual coffee shop. It's taken some time, and some greasing of wheels, but I'm up and running. This place is the artistic haven of Stevens Point, so make sure that you take in the sights and remember them well.

Now that the formalities have been dispensed with, welcome! The Urban Ground is a place to sip coffee, listen to poetry, look at art, and watch the ebb and tide of humanity. There are a great deal of kindred hear that are my friends. There are also ones to look out for. The Urban is also a good place to hear rumours of the goings on in Stevens Point. I've listed some places here that you may want to visit after you're done enjoying the atmosphere here. If some aspiring artists want their work shown here, leave a message for me.

Theresa Kent

This page was last updated April 15, 1997.

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