This page will just be a load of miscellaneous links to no where in particular.

An excellent search engine, not only uses it's own search criteria, but also searches other web based search engines aswell, usually to excellent results.

Peteberts web portal.
A fairly effective search engine that search's specifically for pictures and sounds.

Demon Internet.
The web page for Demon.

The web page for mIRC, one of the most popular Internet Relay Chat programs available. At this site you can down load info about mIRC and IRC and also get the latest version of the program.

The official web page for the MP3 player, Winamp. Get new skins, plugins and upgrades for this excellent programme.

The homepage for this e-mail and web page forwarder. You too could be [your name]

Coollist is a free mailing list. Create your own list and add as many people as you want. 
The official Stereophonics home page. 
Pure MP3.
Loads and loads of links to MP3's of all kinds here. 
Some excellent South Park related stuff here, MP3's, sounds, pictures, scripts, you name it. Excellent. 
Visit L-Space! Meet The Librarian! Loads of info and stuff for fans of Terry Pratchett.
Ofificial Red Dwarf site, with info for series 8!! 
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