**ATTENTION** A Messsage From Rothy:
Wow. The other day I was fumbling around on the internet when I decided to check my this site's stats since I haven't updated one stinking fart in 2 years. I couldn't belive that on the average, 60 of you are still visiting my page daily. If 60 people a day need rothy's farts, then I want to hear your voice! Mail me!

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New farts from our visitors!

marksfart.wav was sent to me by Mark. Its really long and squishy.

boneman.wav - this sounds like a small firecracker...

arseblast.wav was sent to me by some english guy. It is a gigantic flutter blast!

prissy.wav was sent to me by a bunch of girls. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.

gab.zip is a bunch of fart all sealed up in a zip file.

The Archive is a collection of farts that are no longer "new". It grows every week. Over 60!

Fart on Head is still with us! It's a daily log of farts and pictures to go along with them. Very funny stuff.

We have brought back The Fart Board. Post anything you like on the topic of farts. Either I, or some of the visitors will post back to you.

Send all the farts that you have recorded to me. I promise they'll make it up on Rothy's Fart Page within two 2 weeks.

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