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Let's begin with a bit about ShyeMush. ShyeMush is an invite only game, due to the creators' desire to keep the game between friends. If you visit the ShyeMush web page, you will be able to navigate a map of the current sphere's of influence. Also you will be able to see who is currently online and get information about the characters. If you desire to partake in the game's atmosphere, telnet thoth.anth.utep.edu 1701 From there type con guest guest Viola you are logged into the game. You can speak to the administration about getting yourself a character.


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All of my sci-fi and psychic interests stem from my fondness of astronomy. Although astronomy and astrology are 2 different sciences, it is my rampant imagination that binds them together. In my Astronomy 100 course in 1989, my professor taught us the formula for calculating the possibilty of life outside of our solar system. She told us she firmly believed that it is highly unlikely. I do not hold that opinion. The Andromeda Galaxy is 2 million light years from our own. Now take a telescope and view it this evening. That light you're looking at is 2 million years old. How long ago did dinosaurs roam this planet? Many solar systems could have developed within those 2 million years that has at least 1 planet that can support life. And life there may be supported by pure helium for all we know. So the possibility ,as I see it, is far greater. I do not believe we are alone in the galaxy and definitely not alone in the universe.

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