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Hello everyone! Or rather, the small subset of everyone who actually reads this web page! As you may have noticed, the next part of A Leopardís Tail has been a bit. . Ahem.. delayed. Iím afraid that Iíve just been extremely busy as of late. Itís my last semester of college, and Iím finishing up the last few classes for my degrees, so between projects, papers, research work, tests, quizzes, homework, and the occasional bit of job hunting, Iíve been a tad preoccupied. And when I havenít been preoccupied, I havenít been in much of a writing mood.

But fear not citizens! There is good news! And, alas, semi-bad news as well. For the good news, the next part of A Leopardís Tail WILL be finished. Eventually. Itís already half written. Now, onto the BAD news... It will almost certainly be the LAST part of A Leopardís Tail. Iím afraid Iím running a bit low on inspiration, and I have a few other ideas floating around the cavernous space of my skull, and you may have noticed that if things follow the present trend, the next part of the story wouldnít be done until sometime in April, 2015, so one more part should be about it. Iím still amazed itís gone on this long in the first place! :)

And, one last note. My old e-mail address is being phased out. Itís been a bit flaky lately, and getting more spam than real e-mail, so itís history. My new e-mail address should be up on all the pages. So if you want to give me the opportunity to forget to reply to your e-mail for a few weeks, make sure you have the right address! :)

Wow! Look! A guest book! And not just ANY guest book! A remarkably EMPTY guest book! Because hardly anyone signs it! (hint, hint) ;>

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A Leopard's Tail 1/16/00

A story I've been working on lately. The first few parts are up now, and I'l be adding more sections in the future.

The Weird, The Looyny, and the Trout 3/27/98

A joint fic written by myself and John "Demaka" Gilbert. Warning: Do not read if you are not familiar with Station 8 and its resident chatters, or if you consider yourself 'normal'. Please check sanity at the door, and remember, just because we wrote it, doesn't mean we understand it. :)

Oh, and looky here! A friend of mine just started an online comic strip! So it is, of course, my solem duty to pimp their site. (Hey, itís a living!) So donít just sit there staring at all the pretty swirly colors on your screen saverÖ Go click!

Heh heh.. who could resist a banner like that anyway? ;>

Fan Fiction
Gargoyles Fan Fiction written by yours truly!

Stories and Stuff
Various other stories that I've written. Everything from Sci-Fi to Humor to Fantasy. Go and see what you'e been missing! (Probably not much, but hey, don't listen to me! Go check it out for yourselves!)

The Shrine of Weirdness
The name says it all. You HAVE been warned. :)

WOW! There are actually new links here! A whole TWO new ones! (Hey, take what you can get! :) )

According to my calculations, I've hit 'RELOAD'
And... Oops.. I think I broke it... :)

Just Kididng! Here's the REAL counter!

And because YOU demanded it, an e-mail link!

Oh yeah.. I finally got around to fixing that little problem where some of the pages showed up as black text on black background for Netscape. Please, please, hold the applause... :)