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Welcome all you phreaks, I've FINALLY updated the site!! PARTY!! WOoH!!
Now check it out, We still got the same old crud, I mean, how could I get rid of it? There'll be a few new additions and some richous updates, I got over 700 hits since this site's been up, the counter says different but hey what do counters know? Well I'm gonna improve the design especially, I think it sucks, I just haven't had the time recently, but I do NOW HAHAH!!!! So brace yourself.
The comix page

Where did the Clongs come from? This has been asked by many an E-Mailer, well I'll give U a hint..
O.K., sh*t, damn it man, we're from Trinidad O.k?!!!!!!
  LOTS a people to shout out, where do we start?
Troy, Kemal, Jamal, Pat, Carol (My #1 fan), Duane, James, Lisa, Lisa C, Trudy, Andy, Shauna, Andrea, Sherry, Arthur, Seitu, Kenny, Dre, MQ, Renata, Denise, Shakti, Toni, Mark, Vin, Alana, Rhoda, Al, Marcy, Ria, Sharon, G, Brita, Stacey, Sonia, Dionne, Shelly, Jason, Kevan, Andre, Shamus, Darren, Neil, Larry, Rossi (Yeah you!!), Richard (Yeah you too!!), Big Bird, The Jolly Green Giant & whoever else I forgot.
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