Well let me introduce myself. I'm called no other than Scully by my friends. Welcome to the all known Coffee Corner! Maybe not that all known, but anyway you're here and I'm happy. Please stay I've got much to tell to you. I've also got some pretty cool links to some pretty cool places.

The X-Files info I gathered up with all of my resources and what I knew about them. Mostly just dossiers in there, but the info could be usefull.

The UFO Conspiracy is a document I also gathered with my resources. It could be placed as a persuasion paper, well I don't know. If you don't have time to read about four pages just go in there and print it and read it some other time.

The links is just a small listing of some places you might consider useful. I'll add more as I surf more.

My Religion has made me try to let other people see how I can believe in such things. The Revelation's Comparison really can show you what is in store, and what has been happening. All of it is mentioned in the Bible.

This Script I found of the Internet somewhere. Who ever you are thanks. Well anyway, this is the complete, now I mean complete script to the movie, Interveiw with the Vampire. Including lots of stuff that wasn't even on the movie.

Oh and one more thing...

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