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Welcome to my homepage...yaddi yaddi yaddi...
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The Different Parts Of My Page (creative title, huh?)

Section One: I Am A Rock

Who Am I? (Like you were really wondering)

Name: tHe HaPpY pHaNtOm
Birthdate: May 17
Well, what year?: I'm female, I can plead the obligatory age denial
Location: A land of make-believe . . . but I'm tryin' not to let it show
Hobbies: Everything that's listed on this page, plus art, horseback riding, and The X-Files!
Current Musical Interests: The Moody Blues, Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Jefferson Airplane, Enya, Mark Snow, NIN, Juice Newton, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, 60's, 70's, and 80's music; almost anything and everything.
Lame @$$ of the Month: The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences-- Screw over the X-Files, huh?? Well you know what? JUST because of this, my sole purpose in life is now to become an IRS agent, and I'm going to make you see the words "AUDIT" every year for the next decade!! Don't mess with hypersensitive Philes!!

Section Two: I Made This!

These Are All Pages That I Own And Operate

My X-Files Page

Blurry Vision


Keep yer pants on, they'll be here soon . . .hey, I said keep those pants on--oh come on, I don't want to see that! Knock it off!

And so it was said:

Section Three: Let There Be Links . . .

NOTE: The X-Files are TM and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation...I do not own them...except in my most delusional fantasies...


Like me, if you are into retro/vintage clothing--click on the won't regret it...well, maybe you will. After all, the clothes do cost MONEY!! Ha ha ha! Sucker!

Ahem, okay, sorry 'bout's a really cool site

GO HERE! What more can I say?

aren't all these lines annoying??

Section Four: Stuff

Do NOT click here


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THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: See tHe HaPpY pHaNtOm give in to shameless endorsements! Hear the sounds of her begging for money in return! Feel the terror as her requests are turned down time and time again!
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