Evangelos Hugo Paliatseas

The Homepage!

(Whew! That was a mouthful!)

(and, if you are wondering why I put my name up on the top, I figure search engines look at that bit first, right? So, if someone were looking for me, then they are gonna darn well find me now!)

Hello all! And welcome to my next gen home page. Which has nothing to do with Star Trek, or at least not yet.

Hrm. What do people put on their homepages. Stuff about themselves, I guess. Well, my least favoutite topic. ;)

I am a bum, a part time writer, and a full time waster of time, not nessisarily in that order. I do too much GM ing of role playing games, and not enough work.

In fact, here are some roleplaying things that I have done!

Fade to Grey, and In Nomine Pbem game wot I run. Has lots of nice back story and no graphics, just like this page!

Andreas' homepage, from the excellent game Dunya, by Ramira. An AD&D universe for adults, with depth and philosophy, encounters with the foreign, and much nicer graphics than this page.

I run a fantasy universe, in the (heavily modified) GURPS system, called Devolution. Here is a page about it.

I am a player in another Pbem or two... Here are the homepages for them:
This is the Blood on the Stone Vampire the Masquerade Pbem, in which I play Joseph, a young Nosferatu child.
This is the Hope for the Future Pbem, in which I play a rather messed up Doctor, who lost his family in the Apocalypse.

And I have run (and probably will continue to run) several roleplaying games in gaming conventions in Australia. Sometime soon there will be a section on that. But not yet.

That will have to do for now.

Comments, questions or abuse, send to Evan