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Now most of the new figure info will be on the Toyfair page. This will be between now and March. This is because all the new stuff being talked about now wont be out till 1998 and will be shown at Toyfair. And also by doing this by March I will have my page conversion totally done like the Wrestling and Toybiz Page Indexed by topic. I may still put some info on the pages but just check the New Stuff added to see whats up.

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Whats New Added3/4/98 WWF Ripped and Rutless seris 2(Look below and on Toyfair) Added 2/8/98 Look for new Star Wars pics tonight. Added 2/7/98 Even More WWF pics Added 2/6/98 More Jakks WWF pics Added 2/5/98 New Jakks WWF Pics Added 1/31/98 New Spawn and Star Wars pics. Added 1/28/98 Batman Pics added to toyfair. News This news Creadit to of THE RAZOR'S EDGE Toy Biz to Make New WCW Figures Toy Biz has signed a long-term licensing agreement with World Championship Wrestling to produce a wide varity of toys based on WCW wrestlers.The first series of action figures is set fora fall release,with an extended line in the spring of 1999.I don't know how tall they'll be,but I'm guessing they'll be about 5 inches tall like most of Toy Biz's X-Men and Spider Man figures. Next week, Raving Toy Maniac of Toymaniawill conduct a survey for Toy Biz to see what wrestling fans and action figure collectors want to see from the new line.Be sure to vote. Confirmed Jakks to make Aundre the giant figure!See Pic below! Now if any of the pics below are from someone elses site I will add a link to the Pic so that if you click it it will go to their site.
Following Pics Curtesy of Of Wrestling Mat Figures New Ripped and Ruthless seris 2. Kane,HBK,Sable,and HHH


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I will also have Pics of Seris 6 in the next few weeks!

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