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What you can find on this page, however, is a wet picture, some poems by Hanoch Levin, others by  Yehuda Atlas, and one by Eli Mohar, All of which were translated into English by yours truly. The latest addition is  The Idiot Song (Shir ha-tembel), by Kaveret.

NEW: some things I translated from English to Hebrew (in a Hebrew Word file)

As for me, I work as a technical support person in CheckPoint Software Technologies. I am 24 years old (However, this age thing tends to change every once in a while. I was born in 1974), live in Ramat Aviv Gimmel, Tel-Aviv, study for my M.Sc. in Computer Sciense at  Tel-Aviv University, volunteer in  Hillel, and... that's about it.

Remarks, requests, demands and obscene suggestions (but not support calls) will be gladly accepted.

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