Abalon's Humble Abode

Abalon has got quite a lot of stuff to shift, and no delivery van to do it with, and besides, how on earth is he supposed to get a van down this narrow corridor? - please check back later, when he's carried all the heavy bits in.

He used to live (and still does, but in another guise) under the name of ' General Jon' with the kind permission of his parents, who had to put up with him for so many years before he started earning anything.

When you do come back, feel free to drop in for a coffee...

If you feel like having a look round the neighbourhood , simply follow the link...

If you're interested in 3D modelling at all, you might care to check out (or "look at" if you don't "check things out" except in source code control) the link I've put in. It's going to be updated on a fairly regular basis, but don't get your hopes too high. There's no fancy art there yet, except for a cool porsche I found somewhere, but can't remember the source. Sorry if it's yours, and I'll make my own as soon as I'm technically competent enough.

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