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  • Tolkien's biography (real, not his works), in English and Russian

    Tolkien Mailing List

    The Tolkien Mailing List is up for many years (at least since 1992). People got accustumed to write using "nicknames": signing the messages with one character's name. For example, I use alias "Dain Ironfoot". One of the funny aspects of this is to enable a kind of "role-playing": you can speak what your character would say in some circumstances. In my example, again, I like to do Thingol-bashing any time I can :-)

  • List organized by e-mail, name, nickname and url

  • HTML table, organized by e-mail, name, nickname and url

  • Arquives from the Tolkien Mailing List

  • Many links to Tolkien in the Web

  • A Search Engine for ALL mailing lists

    Tolkien Timelines

    In order to build a timeline for the Age of the Trees and the Fourth Age (and I suppose Stephen Geard had the same problem to make the Second and Third Age) we have to select among several usually contradictory texts. The standard procedure is: published material is "Canon", everything else should be made valid unless a latter material contradicts it.

    Example: in the Book of Lost Tales, the Valar could reproduce. In Morgoth's Ring, Tolkien denied them this biological feature. So, any timeline should *not* include Valar reproduction.

    In my opinion, this is not the only way to write Timelines: it's also possible to fix a time - say, 1930 - and try to reconstruct a timeline for Middle-earth *as it was imagined by Tolkien at that time*. To do this, we must consider as "Canon" everything that he wrote *before* that time, the latter the best, and then add what he wrote *after* that time, the earliest the best.

    As an example, let's imagine that we have texts A, B, C, D and E, written in 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960. If we want to make an "early" Timeline, the order should be A, B, C, D and E. If we want to make a 1945 Timeline, the order should be C, B, A, D and E. If we want to make a "final" Timeline, the order should be E, D, C, B and A.

    I think I will use an icon code , but I'm æsthetically challenged (© Ecthelion of Gondolin ), so I'd like to hear what you think about it :-)

    The Tolkien Timelines can be seen here

    OTOH, maybe you aren't interested at all in Timelines, but you might be interested in reading those tales in chronological order, and you think the way the tales lie in the books are a mess. There is a solution to your problem: Larry King created the Chronological Tolkien Page, with instructions about reading all M-e books (up to Unfinished Tales in chronological order!

    How do Characters Look Like?

    I've compiled a list of hair and eye colour for the characters of Middle-earth.

    Latitude and Longitude Grids over the Map of Middle-earth

    I've followed some suggestions as to put the grid over the map. Click here to see the index to the grids .

    Middle-earth Science Pages :-)

    Inspired by Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages I have begun my Middle-earth Science Pages. They are:
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