Annabelle's Bin of Rotten Bananas! Something special for your enjoyment, this is our page all about those bad, bad boys of the Dark Kingdom!  Come and see!!

Don't Know Anything About Sailor Moon? We're here to help!  Here you'll find info about the anime (a general overview as well as season-by-season) and character profiles for the Senshi (still minus the Stars, though)!

Pictures and Sounds! Annabelle loves this stuff.  (She can't read, see... being a dog and all...) 

Like to Read? We've got fanfic!  Alas, Anna doesn't help out much with this part. It's probably better that way.

Polls, Baby! We're not talking your basic, "Who's your favorite Senshi?" here.  These bad boys are the real deal - Polls: Megalized.  Yikes!!

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geek pride!
geek pride!
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