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Hey there:) Im sure you are here because you love David Duchovny! OR You are a member of DROOL or have seen a DROOL Link somewhere. Well unfourantly this is not the DROOL Website anymore, because I am not longer a member of the list. So I dont know any of the news of DROOL. This still though has tons of David pics, news and Links..so take a look around..the look of the website will be changing over the next few months..so keep checking back:)

I couldnt decide what pic to put up here....thus I put up all four *S*

Congratulations to David and Tea on the birth of their baby girl:) They named her Madeline West Duchovny..what a sweet name for a sweet baby:) Again I wish all the health and happiness to the whole duchovny family:)

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  • Davids Astrology reading Click on here to find an Extensive reading of Davids Astrology. Then click around to find Astrology readings of other stars. AWESOME SITE:)
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