The Lab is now open

Welcome to my laboratory.

See that swirling portal of light? That's a gateway to Gero, a campaign world for AD&D which takes full advantage of the 2nd Edition rules.

See that window facing to the East? That's gonna be where you can check out the Anime/Manga stuff.

Ah, I see you've spotted the tracks of the White Wolf leading to the cellar.... Feel free to follow them, but be warned--it's a World of Darkness down there....

The mahogany door on your left leads to the reading room, where you can find some of my favorite books, and buy 'em from, if you like. BTW, in the interest of full disclosure, I get a cut of any book you buy from there.

If you're interested in something other than sci-fi/fantasy, you can peek through the back door for some links to other favorite sites of mine.

Most of these projects are ongoing (especially the world of Gero), so if you run across something that looks a little unfinished, check back again in a couple of weeks or so.

Do you see those Talismans hanging on the wall over there? I put them up in an attempt to ward off a great and powerful curse known as the "cease-and-desist" order. If you use them to attend the sites of those companies whose products my works are derived from, they will, hopefully, turn their wrath from this humble mage.