Trenchcoat Diaries

This site is dedicated to those whom, through no fault of their  own are considered social outcasts.
Whether it's because they are smarter, look different, don't laugh right or whatever.

First of all I don't condone violence and I feel for the families that have lost loved ones and
for those in law enforcement that have to face these situations everyday.

I crated this web page because I was sick of the constant media hype that tries to blame the
other forms of media (ie movies, video games, recording artists, etc.) for the violence that
is currently happening here within the US. They do this without every really touching
on the real cause of violence.

The "Real Cause" of this type of violence (in most cases) is a long and tortuous history of
being abused by other schoolmates or parents. It may start with a kid in a higher grade that
they're afraid will beat them to a pulp. It could be someone in their own class that picks
on them because it makes them feel better about themselves or because it keeps them
from becoming the social outcast. It can also be a younger scoolmate that does it
because the "outcast" doesn't fight back (because they were taught to "turn the other cheek")
or knows that they may get in trouble for fighting because they are the older person involved and
will appear to be the bully. It may also be a co-worker or boss that routinely agravates
the person in question.

One thing is for certain, as a human there is only so much a person can take. Once that limit
is reached the person feels that they must act out and frequently it's explosive.
I do not fault the people that finally reach that point and act on it. I also do not blame the victims
because most of the time they were not involved and only happened to be at the wrong place
at the wrong time. I blame the hypocrisy of humanity and believe that we as human beings need
to strive to fight this hypocrisy. I also blame the "enablers", those out there that witness the torture of
these people and do nothing. Those that do not say "hey, picking on him is not cool"
or worse yet those that congratulate them on a "job well done". I also blame myself, because
I realize that I, as a human being, have played in and contributed to all of these rolls.

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