Uncialle's Halloween Darksite

Welcome to the Halloween Darksite!

Uncialle's resident witch, Edith Needles, asks you to begin preparing for Halloween 2000.

Millennium Halloween approaches like a witch riding a storm front. Let's get ready to haunt!

Faces of last year's Halloween Jack o' Lanterns gleam in Uncialle's stronghold.

An original world of Halloween awaits you! I am Uncialle, your Spirit Guide. Here you will learn how to celebrate the most beautifully chilling Halloween possible, and see Halloween in all its dark splendor. Learn to make ghosts, mummies, blood, scarecrows, and many other creepy things, and see what the projects look like when finished! Discover the strangest things about our own universe. Spook yourself with Halloween tales and images. Although the Halloween Darksite is not intended for small children, it is entirely kid safe. Enter through the spirit links below.

Finding your way: for more pages in the same category, look for "Previous" links at the bottom of each page. For example, there are now 17 Halloween How to Haunt Project Pages. They show how to make, in order: the Scarecrow, Halloween Wooden Signs, a Pond Monster, a Halloween Graveyard Terrarium, Heads on Pikes, an Indian Burial Platform, Alien Life Forms, Eye-Bead Demons, Totem Signs, a Dead-in-Bed Skeleton, a Mummy, a Crusader, the Grim Reaper, the Heartthrob, Blood, and a Ghostly Ghost. To find all these project pages look for the Previous Haunt or Making the . . . link at the bottom of the Haunt Page you are on. For more Strange Things, look at the bottom of each Strange Thing Page, and so on. Note: all graphics and images on the Halloween Darksite are originals by Uncialle, except the classic dripping blood-bar by Lord Skywalker, and the fine little counter by Boing Dragon.

Halloween jack o'lantern with glowing green eyes

Have an idea or a comment? Email me at Uncialle@aol.com. Now is the time for us Halloweenies to fly about the internet darkness gathering ideas for haunting. Smile and show your fangs, my dear Halloween friends!

Edith Needles stirs her foggy brew in the Cemetery of the Reaper.

New now -- How to Make the Scarecrow, on the How to Haunt Page, and don't miss How to Make a Halloween Terrarium on a previous Haunt Page! Plus, Tips for Fast Haunting on the Fly By Night Tips Page -- more coming shortly! Return anytime for new tales and Halloween ideas--and ideas for celebrating the New Year and the solstices, winter and summer.

I have been having image-loading problems ever since the Yahoo transition, and am still hoping for some help. In the meantime, if an image does not load, go to another page and then go back to the page you want to see. Usually that will work. Please bear with me! And a load of dead toads to whoever has cursed the Yahoo advanced html editor into not working properly. Thank you.

counter in the shape of a small dragon

The sleeping dragon counts visits to the Halloween Darksite (except that it has been dumped many times during Yahoo expansions). Travel now with Uncialle into the dark, strange worlds of Halloween.

How to Haunt: Crafting Halloween How to Make a Halloween Scarecrow!

Uncialle's Fly-by-Night Tips for Fast Haunting

Jack o' Lantern Extravaganza!

Edgar Allan Poe Page, with images of his grave!

Uncialle's Halloween Images The Current Image: The Voodoo Graveyard!

10-30-98--A Walk through Uncialle's Graveyard--on Halloween!

Strange THINGS of the Real Universe The Current Strange Thing: Coyote and Raven

Tales of Uncialle Seven Brides and Two Dead Men!

The Frog and Star Party!

Merlin's Page

The Australia Page

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