Almost from the beginning of time itself, man has had an ever-growing curiosity about his cosmic significance. It seems ridiculous that in a seemingly infinite universe, our planet Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining intelligent life. We have tried on numerous occasions to decipher signals which appear to originate in the far reaches of our galaxy with little success, most of these signals being sporadic and unintelligible. Now as we begin a new century, we realise our planetary resources are slowly being depleted. Where does mankind find a solution to this problem? There are individuals who think they know the answer and what they have experienced has intrigued mankind for centuries.

Were do we come from; where are we going? I am not prepared or fully able to answer any of these questions. I would like to join me on an interesting and intriguing journey: a whistle-stop tour of some of the most profound and mysterious subjects you are likely to encounter. Explore and learn.

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