Drizzt Do'Urden. Dark Elf. Drow. Ranger of Meilikki. Third born son of House Daermon N'a'shezbaernon. Ninth ruling house of Menzoberranzan.Renegade Drow


Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt comes to life in the imagination of R.A.Salvatore. Join Drizzt and his friends, Cattie-brie, Bruenor,Wulfgar, Regis and his beloved Guenhwyvar as they journey across the Forgotton Realms and into the Underdark to face untold dangers.

This is the story of an Elf. An Elf who deserts his family, leads his friends into danger, but who ultimately, is a hero and saviour.

Drizzt Do'Urden is his name and he is a Dark Elf.


The Drow are a race who are universally despised. Even their allies and the other evil races of the Forgotten Realms and Underdark would see them dead. This is a race whose name is whispered in shadowed corners for fear of retribution. Their name causes fear amongst even the most valiant of warriors and wizards. You will never know they're there until Death reaches out his skeletal hand and embraces you in his icy grip.

But Drizzt Do'Urden is no normal Drow.

This noble Ranger walks under the stars instead of the Underdark. He has forsaken his people and their evil ways in favour of a world where kindness is not considered a weakness and where one can turn his back on friends without fear of the dagger that will undoubtedly follow. He now walks among friends who have learned that his actions are more important than his dark heritage.

Drizzt lives with these friends in a remote part of the Forgotten Realms. Icewind Dale.
Icewind Dale is situated north of the mountain range known as the Spine of the World in the north western part of the Realms. It is an inhospitable place where the wind blows from either the Sea of Moving Ice or the Reghed Glacier. Either way it will freeze a man to death in mere minutes and death waits for the unwary in the form of creatures like the Tundra Yeti. In this barren land there is a group of towns known as Ten Towns where other outcasts come and it is here that Drizzt calls home.

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