There's little to no chance that you just stumbled across this site, so I'm assuming that you got here from a friend's site, or you know me personally...either way, welcome, and I hope you enjoy what little I have here to offer so far!

On this page you'll find links to my other pages. . .come on in!
My online story in production...long time production...
Don't be intimidated by what you might read in this story. . .as a favorite writer of mine once said,

"I write it down so I don't have to act it out."

Yes, this is all in my head, but so is classical music, poetry and sappy movies. . .it's all a part of me.  So if you enjoy the story I have started, let me know!  I am in a bit of a lull with it lately, and haven't worked on it in a long time. . .

For those of you who might know me personally, check out my pics page below; you might see a familiar face or two. . .

In any event, I hope you enjoy the site, and come back once in a while to see if I actually updated it, ok?
My Pics...Pictures of my family and friends, old and new. . .

What you have all been waiting for....drum roll, please?

The wedding pictures!!!  
Well, there it is . . . I finally got a title page for my sites. 
I hope everything looks all right from your end of things!!  There should be a guest book further into the site, if you're interested. 

This page last updated:  December 28, 2003
Oh, and in case you're wondering, you can call me the. . .
As long as you're here, why not check out my other site, devoted to Fantasy Artwork.  It's also still a 'work-in-progress', but I'm pretty proud of it so far.