Welcome to Ella's Manse. She resides currently with her servents Miki, Leila, and with the vampire Ricki Boudreou. Ella was born Bara, in the shadows of the Mountains that grow in the country now called Serbia. She was embraced as a Tzimisce generations upon generations ago, and has never sired a Childe. She is Zhupan and Koldun, and has been called Voivode. She is no old-clan Tzimisce, clinging to forgotten ways best abandonded; nor is she a Sabbat lacky, serving only to drive the LaSambra in their mad quest for world domination. Instead, she studies and makes her own plans and tells few people what they are. Some centuries ago she started sinking into a Torpor-like sleep more and more frequently. For some reason, however, she has been more and more wakeful recently. The world is changing, and it calls to her blood with a harsh and stubborn fury.

Since waking, Ella has successfuly bred her Revenent Miki, resulting in a healthy girl child. She moved her Manse to Georgia, interested in the Ahrimane that run wild and free there.

Ricki Boudreou moved with her. He is something more than a charity case, although he does not know what he is to her, nor will she clarify his case for any other ears. she saved his life-- or his unlife-- and is healing him as fast as his body will allow.