Justin's GeoCities HomePage!
Greetings, lone visitor! You must be really bored to be be surfing my site. I virtually never have time to update this page because either I am too busy writing or I am chasing my four children.

That being said, please look around and enjoy!

Compositions - If you are looking for a score to one of my charts, you will need to have Finale 2003 installed on your machine...

Audio - I presently only have one file uploaded but more will follow. You will need WinZip and Windows Media Player to decompress and listen to the file(s)...

Ancestry.com - Genealogy and Family History Records - Uncovering the history of my family is my hobby. I never really had one before, I simply just ate, slept and breathed music! If you don't believe my just ask Tricia...

The Official Site of the Boston Celtics - Ah, I remember the glory days. They shall return...

I am a currently member of
The United States Naval Academy Band
in Annapolis, MD.

I used to be a United States Marine, please visit
The Official USMC Homepage

You can also visit my former duty stations:
The Marine Corps Band Twentynine Palms, California
The 2d Marine Division Band
The Unofficial 2d Marine Division Band Homepage
The Armed Forces School of Music
I have a lot of history there.

If you feel up to it, meet the Community Leaders for my neighborhood.
I've never met them or even heard from them. Heck, I'm not even sure if the link still works...

Want to get in touch with me?
Like my page?
E-mail me! [skorupa@thegrid.net]