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Last Updated: Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Merry met and welcome to my corner of the web in which I attempt to update as time sees fit. This page has been mine for a number of years, and in those years I have not bothered to learn how to do more advanced HTML than what you see here, hence the simplicity of this site.

This is a place where I can relax and unwind and be as crazy as I want when I want. It's full of all sorts of useless and aging stuff, like my poetry and very old sketchs which make me now weep with shame. It also contains my a link to my Livejournal in which you can really invade my privacy. Go ahead, it's made for writing to an audience, so give me one, dammit.

As of an actual update, I just went into my guestbook and deleted some spammy stuff, which is on the whole very annoying. A cooler thing is that I'm learning some javascript in uni, so maybe, one day, I can actually make this page pretty. Amazing.

Song of the week: Nothing Better - The Postal Service.

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Hey Jean, whatever would I do with you refreshing my life with your awesome personality and outlooks? Stay sweet sis
Gareth, your love keeps me going in those days where I don't know how I'm gonna make it. You'll always be my moo.
Shoutz to Jean, Liz, Steph, Eric, Steve, Kurtis, and Claire who gave me inspiration in their own ways to help me in my everyday and computer-bound life. All of you are totally shway!