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Hello Minna~! This is Kei, and this page that I made will feature the banners, wallpapers, backgrounds, etc. that I have developed. (Oh yea... they're anime/manga) I'm not some professional or anything, I'm just an amature starting out in making graphics. I am using Paint Shop Pro to make them. (I haven't gotten Abode....) If you have any tips or anything.. please tell me! Oh yea.. feel free to take the graphics, just put my link in your link pool, and I'll be very satisfied. 
Well... enjoy!
P.S. The name "kokkei_na" means funny right? I sure hope so... because I don't wanna look stupid! ^_^
Note: If your server is bad, you might not be able to see the banners, etc. clearly. So, e-mail me, and I could send you a version with a clearer view. 
Aslo, please look at the Important Instructions. Because I think you would like it! ^_^

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9.22.00-As usual, sorry for not updating. School has been a real pain in the ass. I just started in a new school, and the homework is piling up on my desk as each tick and tock come and go. Anyway... I added a few new stuff today. Two CCS banners, a Slayers, a KKJ banner too. I also uploaded a CCS button, but I don't want to show it before I made more. So c ya!
8.28.00-Sorry for not updating... This is not really an update anyway... but I just added this page "Important Instructions" I hope you all read it. That's all c ya!
8.17.00-Hello! I just added a page for the Guestbook buttons page. It's Flame of Recca. I'll get started on the other pages asap! bb!
8.15.00-Sorry for not updating for so long. Summer school is a drag... Anyway, I added 4 banners to Flame of Recca. I'm trying to get the Buttons section started... kk.. JA!
8.6.00-Hello again! I added 3 new pages for "Banners"- Flame of Recca, Kare Kano, and Evangelion. I also added one more banner to Slayers. Bubye!
7.30.00-Konnichi wa Minna! I added 2 new pages for "Banners"- "X" (4), and "Slayers" (2). I made them today, and I don't really like them... x_x
7.29.00-Hello! I added my Guestbooks, and 6 new Weiss Kruez Banners, Enjoy!