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This site is constantly spied on by Hasbro Interactive and Spring 1942.

Post opinions at your own risk. And, may we remind you, Big Brother Hasbroken, (ahem) Hasblow, (ahem) Hasbro I mean, has been spending lots of easy scammed money to sue lately for the stupidest things, such as trying to get CLUE.COM from another registered company etc. They may just decide to sue you for typos... Beware! All essays here have been been posted here FIRST! No imitations, also (by coincidence?) each essay here will never been seen on Spring1942's GOA section due to the fact that each author has been permanently brigged.

[TDA] Team members:

Duckbo M ****
Lounjus M ****
Macros_2 F ***
U-Boat101 ? ?
TrojanKing M *****


TDA odds calcultor offline!

Note: This project was under construction. Though we did lose the source code before it was completed. However, if you want a sneak peak of what we were GOING to have, do look. Attention! Currently geocities does not allow the downloading of files. But that's ok, we will fix the issue when the new simulator is created starting a few months from now.

Click to download HASBLOW's latest CD patch.

Hasbro's ver. 1.3.3 patch. This is the last patch Big Brother will ever release. They spent about two hours I think on this little babie. If you want any other patches, you'll have to spend your money on Iron Blitz. There's even more bugs in that one, so you'll get plenty of patches for that. If they make any?) Note: Hasbro has currently trashed support for their A&A. The link url has been changed as the patch is no longer available from Hasbro's old site. If you can't find info on A&A where it used to be, now it is obvious why. BTW, the patch here is from our friends at "Balance-Of-Power".

1.3.4 Underground Patch!

Yes, you've heard right. Some members of the online community have begun to hack and crack away to fix some of the problems with the game as Hasbro has bailed on it. The members are few and work is slow, but they continue to slave without the original source code...

Patch Development...

TDA C engine source.

After the loss of the Java code, TDA has begun re-writing the original engine in ANSI C. Here is the code for public domain, feel free to incorporate your own winblows user interface.

TDA C Engine Source Code...

Typical idiots

Ok, I (PnisEnvy) just wanted to say here a few things about a lot of cases of the typical idiots on the net. First of all, remember, they are either newbie, or intermediate players only, but allways think they are on a much higher rank. This is why so often, they will play total shit, yet then blame it on the dice when they do not get lucky. I wana share some instances of litting things that piss me off: 1: Players who continualy set up the game in their favour. Some examples? I've had enough lamers who insit on having Axis Advantage and RR on while playing Axis, then the next time while playing Allies, insist that it is unfair for me to do the same. 2: Players who just sit there in a game, and are too stupid to hit the accept key untill you tell them 100 times. (from now on, I just boot them outa the game). Take my advice. 3: Players who talk big about how much better they are, and then suddenly quit when they see thier foot is in their own mouth, then either just exits the game, or makes up lame excuses to their poor play. 4: Players who insist on no timer, and then take forever to make a move. WARNING: These idiots are sometimes the pricks that sit there calculating every move for their best performance. I hate those kids. But at lest the usualy loose, cause they only can calc one ply deep in the game. 5: Players who exploit the money bug, and then insist that it was realy theirs, that they just (skipped a purchase turn!) 6: Players who made a poor move, then leave game, and when we re-load the saved part, they change the re-play. 7: Players who use certain exploits in a ladder game in order to prevent a loss. (We do hope that spring1942 fixes this soon, because of safety reasons, we will not list them here.)

<-- Bugs Inside.

For those of you who are looking for cheaply programed games which will supply you with tones of crashes, hangups, and/or total system failure every hour, make sure you look for the Hasbro label. Remember, only Hasbro's seal of approval can bring you guaranteed %@^$#^.

GenPyle's Persia-Push:

GenPyle was Former GOA of Spring1942, and top at IAAPA for quite some time. While at Spring1942, apparently bids raised 5 ipc while this strat was in popular use.

Persia-Push: An Allied winning strat. Click here to view...

Shotgun_Sammy's stratey papers:

Shotgun_Sammy was GOA of Spring Club in Y2K. Here are two of his GOA papers, the 2n'd one first released here!

A winning Axis Strategy: Playing for Heavy Bombers Click here to view... A winning Allied Strategy: Playing for Heavy Bombers Click here to view...

PnisEnvy's Guide to Tech:

Tech can be, and usualy is a vital part of A&A play despite the fact it can be risky. The following essay was written by PnisEnvy himself and discusses various aspects of when and how to techroll depending on different scenarios.

Tech Rolling: When and How Click here to view...

IRON__CROSS's defense paper:

Details mainly defense but also offense land/air mixture and tips to max USA optimization for Russia/Karelia defense.

USA Defense of Karelia & Russia: A USA Strategy Click here to view...

How do you know when you play too much A&A?...

1. You realize you have been playing the game every day since the board game originaly came out. 2. You have a midterm in chemistry at 8:30 the next morning, yet still can't get off because those damned allies are taking till 5 am before they crush you. 3. You've made your own Axis & Allies web site. 4. You still view the lame Axis & Allies web sites that are on the web rings, yet don't change. 5. You decorate your room with printed maps for A & A expansion sets. 6. You've ordered 1000+1 new pieces for your game board from all kinds of cheapo retailers. 7. You've complained to Hasbro for the 1000+1 'th time regarding yet another major bug/flaw in the CD game. 8. You believe that Larry Harris is God. 9. When you go to a store, you ask the clerk to convert the dollar price into IPCs. 10. Your making a list for when you know your playing to much, but can't finish it cause you need to go and play A&A. Sorry guys, I'll finish it later...

Hasbro's idiot list of employees...

Hasbro jop position: Name: Director of Quality Assurance: "Capt." Michael Craighead Quality Assurance Manager: Kurt Boutin Testers: Mark Huggins, Kathy Steel, Jen Kaczor, David Sauvageau Now, before Hasbro gets ahold of this list and sends some nice threatening mail to the guild, just remember, these guys deserve it! First of all, the quality of this game has been absolute shit. None of us have had a game crash, hang, and or #@$@#$ our computer more times in 1 hour then this game. What kind of quality control, and testing have these guys done? I certainly hope Hasbro wasn't stupid enough to pay these people, but then again... The opinion stated is that of TDA, and in no way, reflects the views of the users visiting this web page.

You just can't win with Hasbro!

Here is my greatest paradox to solve: You must constantly save your game since the bugs constantly screw it up. Yet, the saving function, in it's self, contains many bugs which can make it crash even more. So... we just can win, can we?

Tids & Bits...

Click here to view...

A collection of odd game incidences on the zone with IRON__CROSS. More to be added as time prevails.

Iron Blitz... Another scam?

I sure hope not. After many people spent their hard earned money for the original (massively bugged) version of A&A, can they risk it again? Hasbro is well known for it's buggy software. In fact, the original A&A is so full of them, it is impossible for any bug fix to eliminate them (allready at ver 1.3.3 for bugfix). Perhaps Iron Blitz is just another quick cheap job in order to create more profit? I sure hope not, but then again, I have not been able to evaluate the software as of yet. But as soon as I do, i'll post the research on the site. Anyhow, the added in options 'Iron Blitz' gives the user should have been incorporated into the first version anyhow. Up-Date: Well, it has been over-due, but is there realy a point in mentioning it? About 99% of zone users do know now it was a scam after all. There are so many problems that there isn't even a place to start naming them. In fact it is virtualy un-playable on the zone. A visit to the 'Iron-Shitz' room will tell you that. Let's just follow some advice in this case to save ourself 100 pages of work, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." BTW, Hasblow, oops, Hasbro has decided recently that the Iron Shitz, oops, Iron Blitz project was a flop and there are no real ambitions for it currently. Jeez, perhaps if someone over there would realize, if you make a shit product, then you will get shit sales?

Spring's GOA Essays...

Spring 1942 GOA Corner.

For those who wish to read more strategy papers, here is a link to the 'Spring 1942' club's GOA corner section. Some papers tend to be junk, others tend to have value, feel free to sort through them.

Chat with Larry Harris...

The other day on the Zone I got to ask Larry a few questions. Unfortunately, I got no where as near as much as I had to ask. I also had no way of logging the session, but the 'Zone' evidently did. Though keep adivised, this 'Zone' version is highly edited and cut from the original. Not to mention, Larry kept on continually getting cut off from the session, lol. There also was barely any time for people to ask questions before our time was up. :(

Chat with Larry Harris.

Expansion sets...

Global Crisis (Expansion Pack)

Yes, the expansion sets. It does not surprise me, that once when you could see in gaming stores those plastic wrapped expansion documents for 24$ are now gone. Of course not due to sales, these little babies can be just downloaded off the net. (much cheaper, though prohibited by law, duh). Anyhow, lots of people tend to create their own expansion sets these days. Unfortunately, most you see on those cheasy sites are all very, (ahem), lame. However, there are a very selected few that can go into deep realism, detail, etc. One such version is 'Global Crisis'. For those sick of all the newbie expansion sets on all those newbie sites (are there any other pro sites besides TDA?), check out the following link and give it a shot.

Dr. Shade's Global Crisis

The message board...

All of a sudden, there are a bunch of message boards poping up here and there. Too many to fill the little supply there is. In any case, we've decided to drop the original board we had but put a link here for Don Rae's strategy Message Board. (Note, we do not believe in his essays), though some posts are often good to read. This is one of the most active strategy boards out there at the current time. Just beware of newbies thinking they 'know it all'.

Click for messages.

Duckbo's House To the house

IRON__CROSS's little treasure chest. Just click here, lamies...

PnisEnvy's exploited A&A hacking...

Includes decompiled source code from the program, cheats, improved bug fixes, etc.

Exploits here

Click to mail to the guild...

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