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HI, every body, welcome to MESSWORLD's younger expansion.

Newest rooms in MESSWORLD BASE 02: Original Art Gallery and Original Text Works of Windera a.k.a. Yamakusa AKIDA.
This Base is proud to contain the famous Diary of Windera Z. Aquaz in MESSWORLD X Furcadia section.
MESSWORLD BASE 02 is a world which mainly consists of fantasy(or sf+fantasy), adventure and fan fictions.

You can also find Windera's famous bilingual Shaman King fanfiction "Last Episode of Shaman King, which is a continuity to the SK anime here.
Have MESSY FUN, guy.

Words from editor 262501:
E-mail me at if you want.
It is not fun when work makes one invisible online and the end of my sole beloved series "Shaman King has made me depressed. I have to unwillingly hand over this place to whom it belongs to. *points right*

Enjoy yourself. *bows and leaves*

Words from site owner Akida:
E-mail me at if you would like to redistribute any of my works in your site. I am currently getting my working time sorted out. I desperately want to spare some energy for things other than my work, which is here, or to be exact, what I want to put here. At the same time I want to get my Japanese, Chinese and English STRAIGHT. Quite impossible, but I'll try.

Please come back soon and visit MESSWORLD, as you may find something new every few days!
Last update: 3-12-2005 (Slowly refurbishing the Art Gallery)

262501, the editor: All the science fiction stuffs are retrieved back to MESSWORLD, the base of serious science. If you want to read my original SF works like Dreamseeker or Terminals, please go to MESSWORLD

Original Art Gallery of Windera a.k.a. AKIDA Yamakusa (Heavily refurbished in 2005 Jan)

My Original Text Work's Backup Palace (Open to the Public in 2005 Jan, still under heavy construction...)

Shaman King in MESSWORLD BASE 02 -- Last Episode of Shaman King contains the internationally famous Shaman King fan fiction, "Last Episode of Shaman King" in 2 languages: Chinese and English (translated by me, Windera, of course)!!!
This fanfiction is a continuity to the anime and takes details from the manga when appropriate.

MESSWORLD is never alone! It is now linked by Windera Z. Aquaz to the land of Furcadia! Read the diary of little Windy to find out what's happened to the two world!
MESSWORLD X Furcadia(Day1-180 of the Diary of Windera has been posted up)(completed)(New: Photo Diary)

A Beautiful Lengend of DGS (Fantasy fiction)
(The owner of MESSWORLD: DGS is the abbreviaiton of the school I was studying in)
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Slayers Quarter(yes! Slayers is a fantasy anime!) contains a finished Slayers fan fiction, 'The Last Episodes of Slayers'(You've noticed that I like to write 'Last Episode of XXX", right?)
Even if you don't know what slayers is, you can still enjoy this fan fiction! That is because the main attraction of 'Slayers' is the character and background settings!

The World of Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction -- "Behind the Scenes" (some works there, but abandoned halfway because of the coincidental identical plot with the newest release 'StarDust' )(You're right! It's of an history+sword adventure genre)

Ever heard of Mr. Miyazaki? The famous Japanese professional animation director? Have you ever watched one of his work? Many of his works are fantasy or sf+fantasy stories, e.g. Nausicca the Valley of Wind, Laputa etc. One will never forget his great works, esp. the fantastic backgrounds...
Decorate your desktop with wallpapers from Nausicaa the Valley of Wind

Here is something at least I have never seen: this page has hidden files which you can explore to! Find the files by typing some words in the location bar to substitute the word 'index' in 'index.html'! Try this everytime you visit MESSWORLD BASE 02! Hidden files will only increase in number! Have fun getting yourself into the mysteries online! Never give up!
Updated on 07 Jan 2001No time to guess? Here are some tips for you to find the hidden files

Room of Webrings

Wanna know who creates this world? See MESSWORLD!


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