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Image: my cartoon-self and myself
Image: Wiese.


Expressing myself through my art is something I have only found during the last couple of years after I became ready to share my feelings and insights. Personal changes over the years allowed me to now go into a deeper, more personal level with my art and provided me with the confidence to also share my art -- like on this Web site. 

Image: reach.

Diversity & Spirituality

Some of my art aims at reinforcing positive attitudes and criticizing negative attitudes towards diversity and life in general. Other artwork is less political and more about expressing my feelings. And then there is also my spiritual interest, fueled by my meditation practice, that shows in some of my art work.

Image: space tunnel.

Academic background

Already as a child, I wanted to become an animator and drawing was my strongest skill. However, because I first wanted too learn more about the physical and social world around me, I have attained degrees in Geography (B.Sc.) and Linguistics (M.A.). Since I am a computer person, it follows that I was at the computer side of things in both Geography (Cartography, Digital Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems) and Linguistics (Phonetics, Text-to-Speech Synthesis and Corpus Linguistics). After taking various courses in counselling, psychology and visual art, I am currently enrolled in a Post-Master's Certificate program in art therapy (with a focus on integrating technology into the field).

Image: life.


I have gone through some difficult times in my life. The person that I have become and the help that I received inspired me to help other people as well. This can take on various forms, such as working in a computer lab for language students, helping them with linguistic as well as computer problems, and working as an art therapist.


Okay, so my full name is Christel Bodenbender and I am a student at the University of Victoria, Canada,  as well as the B.C. School of Art Therapy. Before I came to Canada, I lived in Germany. My interest in languages and in English in particular is what led me to Canada and linguistics. My interest in art and counseling is what led me to art therapy. However, my love for technology and science fiction permeates all my other interests.

That's enough about my bio. If you want to know more, just contact me.

Image: my town.