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I've decided to use this to store and show photos from my holiday in Romania from July of 2004.

For extra info and comments on each photo please place the cursor over the photo. By the way, I strongly suggest that you use Internet Explorer to view it because I've tried NetScape and I couldn't see the alt text on the photos. Alt text is when a text box appears when you hover your mouse cursor over a picture. The holiday website explains what each photo is using this alt text, so you really need to be able to see it if you want to know what the photo is about. I think that it makes the photos and the website as a whole much more interesting. If you have any problems viewing the alt text email me, and I'll see what I can do to fix it. TIP: The alt text box only stays open for 12 seconds, and I've typed a lot in some, so you may not have time to read it before it dissaperas. What you can do to make it stay is to keep moving the cursor over the photo. If the cursor leaves the boundaries of the photo or you go over the text box, the text box will dissapear. Alt text is only available in the thumbnail view mode. That should help.

Geocities only has 15MB of free webspace and since I took about 2000 photos (I love digital cameras!) so I'm only putting up the best ones, and of course, they will be low resolution to keep size down. I have the high resolution originals on my computer, should anyone want any. The photos were taken with my Sony CyberShot DSC-W1.

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