CaveDweller's Cavern of Drivel

Well, well, well. I think Hell just froze over! Yep!
The Mighty (and all be it dumb) CaveDweller now has a web page!
It ain't much, but it's mine and I'm proud of it.
So, welcome to the Cavern!

Well, things in life haven't really changed much. I still get sad about things from
time to time. I try my best to keep my hope alive that someday I'll find true
happiness in my life, but sometimes it's hard. Oh well. On the good side,
 I've started updating this site more often. I really wanna take this opportunity
to thank everyone that's stopped by and enjoyed my insanity!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Here is what I've got so far:

 More info about CaveDweller then you EVER needed to know!
(*UPDATED* Yes, it's true! I now have pictures up on this page!)

 Thank yous to the ones that deserve it and a big-ass page full o' links!

 My friendship with JorGGirrrl, one of my best friends in the whole wide world!

 The best damn show on TV, Mystery Science Theater 3000! Deal with it, Pink Boy!
(*UPDATED* My MST3K page now also includes my tribute to the show!)

  Ya gotta jump and jive and then ya wail AWAY!! My Jazz and Swing page!

  We're gonna rock this town! My rock music page!

 There once was a man from Nantuckit...... My poetry page!


 Sign my guestbook!

 No thanks! I'm just being nosey!



You like me! You REALLY like me! *sniff*
Seriously, Thank you very, VERY much!!!


Until I get more up, enjoy this picture of
Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald rocking out!

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This little experiment was "opened" on: 10/8/98
And was last updated on: 8/9/99