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On October 26th 2009, almost exactly 11 years to the day this site was created, Mosquitor's He-Man Realm will come to an end due to the closure of Geocities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has visited this site over its 11-year lifespan, given me their feedback and support, talked to me over e-mail, and of course everyone who has contributed to the site in some form or other. When I first set up this site in October 1998 with the intention of paying my own humble homage to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the He-Man fan community was only a small one, dedicated to the cause of keeping alive the memory of an almost-forgotten classic cartoon of the 80s that changed our lives and gave us hours of enjoyment as kids. Now, over a decade on, He-Man has a booming and colossal fan community which has seen the franchise through a splendid resurrection in the early '00s to the fantastic new Masters Of The Universe Classics toy line and established He-Man and the Masters of the Universe's place as an integral part of contemporary pop culture. Hey, just think about it... our dream came true, and with rumors of a new live action movie on the cards, who knows what lies around the corner for our favorite muscle-bound hero? Thanks once again to everyone who helped keep MOTU alive, and who helped make this site a success in the early days of Internet fan culture!

This site may be closing, but my MOTU presence on the web will remain active, for my Fan Fiction will continue to be posted on while I will still be posting on the forums on He-Man.Org, and I may possibly establish a brand new He-Man site when I eventually get my own domain (though that's probably some time away as I'm very busy with my work as a musician, so don't lose patience just yet!).

So, while we close the curtains on Mosquitor's He-Man Realm, let us look to the future and await the next stage in the saga of TV's mightiest heroes... Good Journey Everyone!


-Aidan Cross (aka Mosquitor), 17th October 2009 C.E.

If you have any suggestions,questions, or just general comments, E-mail me.

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Adam Tyner for letting me use his pics
Busta Toons for his pics!
The Young Prodigy for creating the brilliant movie picture below
Scott White for the pictures from the episode- The Sleepers Awaken.
Miles "Snake Man" Jasem , without whom this site would never have been the same

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