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It has recently come to my attention that "dcuguru" has a Web site on AOL called "DC Universe Timeline". I have looked at it and learned that it is a direct rip-off of my site. Yes, the content is the same, after all we use the same sources, but the description of events, like Zero Hour and the rest, are almost always exactly the same. It's more updated than mine, but other than that, I can't find anything else good to say about it. If you know who "dcuguru" is or if you're him/her, please contact me. Thank you.

As you can tell, this site has not been updated in almost a year. For a more accurate timeline, I highly suggest Time Travel with Hourman.

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The DC Timeline is broken up into 23 parts:
  1. Pre-Golden Age (19 billion years ago to 1937)
  2. Golden Age of Heroes (1939 to 1951)
  3. Pre-Modern Age (48 to 19 years ago)
  4. Modern Age of Heroes
  5. Post-Modern Age (First decade of 21st century to 85,271 AD)

The DC Timeline is a work in progress. To find out how you can contribute, please refer to the submissions page.

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Some background info

The idea of churning out a DC Timeline has been in my mind for a long time. A lot of events have occurred in the DC Universe that deserve to be recorded down, as some sort of chronology, to show just how rich and diverse the DC Universe is. It was only after rereading Zero Hour #0 and its accompanying timeline that I decided that this was the right time to put it all together.

There are numerous DC Universe timelines out there, primarily as a result of the pre-Crisis multiverse. When I started work on the DC Timeline, I decided that I would not refer to the pre-Crisis DC Universe or comics fans' designs of their ideal timelines. Instead, I referred to - for lack of a better word - documented timelines available in the published comics. These reliable documents are the Zero Hour #0 timeline and the timelines in the various Secret Files and Origins. Since these timelines have been vetted and approved by the DC creators, I believe that they are the only reliable sources for working out the DC Timeline. The only departure from this method is the addition of Kingdom Come, I felt that since it was going to be the future of the DC Universe, if not the definite future, it deserved an entry in the DC Timeline.

I referred to the following comics to work out the Timeline:

and almost every recently published comic since DC One Million.

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